• Eamonn Young

Practicing AA principals in all your affairs

AA is teaching me a ton about how to show up with a heart of service. Before I came into AA, I was so concerned with how much I would get, plenty was never enough. I still see that feeling today like when I see a buffet or I am sharing food with people my first response is still "I hope I get full". Through working the steps and starting to learn that I will always be provided for if I show up honest and try to let God do what I can't...the outcome will be as it should. I still have to show up and do the work, but if I do that, things will change with patience, willingness, honesty, and service. My entire life I have had good intentions, but always expected either recognition or something better in return. Today I can say that I am active member of AA, supporting fellows trying to heal from addiction, I can listen to those with different opinions and not stew in a fit of rage and hate. I can hear others speak and find the similarities instead of latch on to the differences. I don't do any of these perfectly, and it's a daily practice. The difference is, instead of being in a constant state of self justified anger, that state is way more fleeting. Today I get to practice AA principals, not just for the benefits of sobriety, but for actions that are the smallest-tiniest next right thing in dismantling complex, unjust systems. Not for the gram, not for the karma, but because I seek to share and be of service, my life no longer revolves around making sure I have more than enough for me, I’ll be ok, I want to make sure everyone around me has enough.

Love you, hope you stay sober and safe.

Eamonn Young

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