All I Need to Be is Willing

The road to recovery has been full of many meaningful and encounters. There was one night I was struggling, during a period of my early recovery where I was getting ready to overdose, when I met a young man in one of the rooms who'd just gotten out of rehab. His share really struck me, and reminded me why I needed to stay on track, and not give into the obsession again. At the end of the meeting I was planning on buying the last copy the room had of the Daily Reflections, but he beat me to it. I happened to make a small sound of disappointment, and then mention it. Then he happily gave me the copy as a gift.

Today in the Daily Reflection it talks about willingness, and that Step 6 really comes down to that. This young gentleman was willing to part with the book, so I could benefit from it.

In my experience, this step is where the attitude adjustment really begins, because now that we've accepted ourself alcoholic, have turned it over, and have done a deep dive into our actions, emotions, and how we've shown up, it's time to shift our attitude. I appreciate that our amends are a few steps away, because the 12&12 and Big Book teaches us we can hardly have a sufficient amend without having a change in behavior or attitude first.

When I was drinking, and struggling with multiple addictions I was never willing, never willing to compromise, never willing to do work on relationships, never do anything that wasn't convenient for me, and in my Step 4 I was thoroughly educated on my bad attitude.Through willingness I found a better work ethic, humility, a healthier relationship with risk, but more then anything, better relationship skills. I found it easier to part with things that I didn't use anymore or didn't need, just like my character defects.

The first time I read Step 6 on the wall, I thought it was the quick and easy step compared to some of the other one's, but in reality, it takes some time to adjust perspective and attitude, our ability to be willing. This Step lands right in the middle, it's the crossroads. Today we get to choose how willing we will be to let go of things that don't serve us anymore.

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